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The Big Biking Commune is the ‘Go To Destination’ that brings together passionate bikers, motorcycle brands, riding clubs, Accessories, Custom and Vintage bikes, bike rentals, bike tour operators and all related products and services under a single roof.

We are a celebration of the bonding, belonging and brotherhood that strings us all together as a single family; it is the perfect pit stop for the motorcycle community to revel, rejoice and regroup as we plot the next journey. Together, we shall 'Rule the Roads'.

As a Commune we are all about creating and curating new experiences for the motorcycling community; putting together events and entertainment to celebrate being a biker; networking and learning from experienced motorcyclists; checking out new motorcycles, discovering new biking trips and routes, meeting with new biking buddies and riding out together celebrating the essence of being a biker.

With the Big Biking Commune the fun never stops, keep in touch with us over mail, or register your club / name or connect with us on our social media pages and join in the new way of celebrating being a biker.

Big Biking Commune has created one of the largest, strongest and most trusted network of motorcycle riders from across regions in the world bringing them together as part of one large community.

#communeasone is the new buzz word in the motorcycling world

Big Biking Commune lives by these promises
  1. Our Vision
    To be the Go to Destination for events, engagement, experiences and activities for the motorcycle and two wheeler category.
  2. Our Mission
    Curate Experiential activities to Empower, Engage and Entertain the motorcycle and biker community.
  3. Values we live by
    Deal with Fairness Equality, Respect, Professionalism and Trust
  4. Our Culture
    To Innovate, Excel and Exceed in building new Experiences and setting new benchmarks that will define a global biking community.
  5. Our Philosophy
    To help grow the Commune into a truly global motorcycling forum making every passionate biker feel at home. Make the Big Biking Commune the platform for the community to share experiences, bond with fellow bikers, discover new riding destinations, express their passion for motorcycling. To inspire and motivate and bring out the best in each biker to help grow the motorcycling community the world over
  6. The Brand promise
    To collaborate, co-create and curate great experiences for the motorcycling community. Work with all stakeholders, eco-system partners and the motorcycling fraternity to deliver ‘MOTORCYCLING NIRVANA’, the ultimate blissful state for every passionate biker in our commune.



Check out what we do and how you can partake in these initiatives, activities and events

Flagship Festival - Annual Biker Meetup

Our annual festival celebrating the biker in all of us; spread across 2 days of exhilirating and adrenaline pumping events, entertainment, shows, parades and more. Every year it will be held at a new destination in India and across different countries as we reach out to bikers across the world to celebrate the belongingness as part of a single commune.

Endless Road Journeys, Biking Beyond Borders

Our World on Wheels rides is designed to discover destinations on motorcycles; the journey is peppered with meetup with local bikers. Explore and experience new possibilities on motorcycles both in India and across challenging international motorcycling destinations.

Promoting Tourism Destinations, M.I.C.E on motorcycles

A first of its kind initiative in the world. Making Motorcycles part of mainstream tourism and the New Search Engine on Wheels.Across the world many countries are waking up to the tourism potential of motorcyclists. An excellent platform to promote destinations with State tourism boards, International tourism boards, Tour operators eyeing this space. Motorcycle tourism will be an excellent platform to discover destinations, shape new itinerary and routes and share ride experiences. A place where the Journey becomes the destination.

Yoga For Bikers, Bettering Health & Wellbeing

A rare coincidence that we all celebrate June 21st as the World Motorcycling Day and the International Yoga Day also happens to be celebrated the world over on June 21st. The stress and strain of long distance rides that we bikers are used to can be easily managed with Yoga practices. While we started this practice, we would be happy to have our commune bikers embrace the practice and popularise the celebration of a healthy biking life. We will be taking Motorcyclists and Yoga to a new level in the coming days.

Employee Engagement through motorcycles

Designed to discover the hidden biker in you; to rekindle the passion for motorcycling amongst corporate executives and help them live their love for riding while building on a professional career. An excellent platform foremployee engagement and empowering the professional workforce.

Thematic plantation rides, Coffee with commune

Our Filter Kaapi Rides are designed to marry coffee culture with motorcycling tours. We will offer thematically curated experiences covering a whole new way of looking at coffee. From the plantation to your cup, the journey will be exciting. Talk to us to know more or to get invovled in one of our rides.

Making students As Responsible Bikers

Catch them young, make them sensible and responsible members of the motorcycling community. Our Campus Commune id designed to imbibe responsbility and freedom in today’s youth while teaching them to organise and channel their passion into a personally fulfilling journey as well as to contrinute to the societ they live in.

Shoot, Edit & Cherish your motorcycling memories

A picture can speak a 1000 words, a small video can capture your entire ride. While we bring in the experts in photography, videography and drone and technonoly to ensure that you capture the picture perfect ride, we will also hold workshops, training and coaching classes and have internships, contests and more to keep the buzz going. Reach out to us to work with us or to know more

Big Biking Commune App

The Big Biking Commune will soon be coming out with the complete Mobile app for the biker; Our App is built on the robust and latest technology powered by AI/ML and enabled with API plug-ins and seamlessly integrated with IOT technology, our App is designed to help bikers plan the perfect motorcycle trip.

Club Bikers


Reach out to us, lets join hands to grow the motorcycling community, find out your Motorcycling Mojo with us, together we can grow the commune

Motorcycle Clubs

Feature your club rides and events, share your stories and riding experiences, explore joint activities, announce your activities. There is a lot more we can do together. Register your club with us and open up a new world of riding possibilities. Use our platform to reach out to the larger motorcycling fraternity across the world

Brand Initiatived rides and activities

As a Motorcycle brand, you are already doing a lot of rides, events and activities for your customers. Workshops, Ride showcasing, Expert talks, Activity highlights, Feature top riders and more. Reach out to us to grow your community

Motorcycle tour Operators

Are you operating motorcycle tours or a bike rental services? Want to showcase some rare and challenging rides and achievements or feature your rides, connect with us now.

Vlogger/ Motorcycling

there is place for everyone in the commune, join us to share your rides and experiences and contribute to the growth of the commune. Coaching classes, tutorials, workshops and more will be happening. Join our Motography platform to enrich the commune.


the best way to onboard new members into the commune is to impart training and the ride riding etiquettes. Reach out to us help us help budding bikers. Join hands with us if you are into training, workshop, mechanic boot camps, dirt track training or any academy in motor sports. There is a lot we can do together

Big Den Talks

We will feature several achievers who inspire our commune. This is a platform for them to talk to the commune members and showcase their achievement, share their experience or wow us with their craftsmanship or coach and mentor us.

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