Big Bike Commune 2019

Our annual festival celebrating the biker in all of us; spread across 2 days of exhilarating and adrenaline pumping events, entertainment, shows, parades and more. Every year it will be held at a new destination in India and across different countries as we reach out to bikers across the world to celebrate the belongingness as part of a single commune. The first of its kind annual celebratory event for the motorcycling community in Mahabalipuram, India at a beach side private property in February 2019. The inaugural event attracted over 3500 bikers from over 150 biking clubs and had 25 of the top motorcycling influencers share their experience mixed with some excellent stunt shows and off-roading experience.

The inaugural event witnessed big names like Maral Yazarloo (Queen of Motorcycling), K P Arvind, Rajini Krishnan, Bullet Bose and many more well known names in the motorcycling community taking part in this festival.