Motorcycles - the new travel search engine

Most travelers' itinerary consists of visiting the top tourist spots like temples, museums, and monuments or popular trekking routes. It hardly lets you discover new routes or unexplored locations. A journey in a car, a stay in a 5 five star hotel, and eating in a fancy restaurant robs us of our thirst to explore the real culture of a location- the taste of the local cuisine, the dialects of the strange native language, the warm welcoming homes of the locals, the narrow streets of the busy towns and villages and few hidden spots in a place that can leave you mesmerized.

A quick fix to this i.e, to be a traveler and not a tourist can be done by traveling on a motorcycle. Motorcycling never got its due credit for redefining the path of travel exploration. It has carved the path for finding numerous routes leading to magical spots that one could never have access to if they followed a digital map or search engine. Motorcycles push you to a direct experiential and immersive way to explore new locations. It gives you the freedom to take a quick detour through a new passage that might lead you to raging rivers, sandy desserts, pristine beaches, and mighty mountains. The point is you’ll never know what lies ahead.

Another aspect is that a motorcycle is adored by many, irrespective of people’s economic class. So we could randomly pull up to a remote village and people would check out our motorcycle and gear. It simply gives us the license to engage better with people and this can range from chai waales to local landlords. There are also times when we get to take a pillion (young children from villages) to escort us to some of the interior locations which they would have otherwised traveled by foot. The joy on their face as the wind hits their face as we accelerate through the narrow roads, is something we would cherish as a biker.Little pleasures like these will be missed, when we go by a set itenary accompanied by a tourist guide.

Beginners might feel hesitant to travel to unexplored locations, but this is how one can start. Riding in a group is one of the best ways. There will always be a helping hand in case something goes wrong and one need not worry about losing direction. Having a lead rider who has enough experience traveling the roads or joining a group of bikers should help one get accustomed to the techniques of motorcycle riding until one gains the confidence to set out on a solo trip.

Staying connected with the biking community also opens doors for meeting new riders and strengthening the bond with existing fellow riders which can go beyond motorcycling. Most riders prefer this over solo riding or a ride with a digital plan.

While the recent pandemic has shut doors for the biking community to be active, it will not be long before these two-wheeled machineries get back on the track to discover unexplored paths and put them on the maps for the future riders.