World Moto Yoga Day

World MotoYoga day was formed marking World Motorcycling Day and the International Day of Yoga, which coincides on 21st June every year. To celebrate Yoga, Fitness and the spirit of motorcycling , World Moto Yoga Day was formed as the ideal platform to promote health and wellness amongst the biker community. The stress and strain of long-distance rides that we bikers are used to can be easily managed with Yoga practices, thus leading a healthy biker life.

We have successfully completed 3 editions of World Motoyoga Day, first being an on ground event in Chennai and Bengaluru where we gathered bikers from the city to indulge in a session of Yoga taught by experts from Isha Yoga Foundation.

The 2nd and 3rd edition saw virtual live sessions by Yoga expert Yogabandhu Prashanth from Ojas Yoga Academy and Biker Sameera Dahiya. As part of the initiative, Big biking Commune also launched the 'Yoga for Bikers' booklet, which has specially curated asanas for bikers.

World Moto Yoga Day 2019 - Bangalore
World Moto Yoga Day 2019 - Chennai