A gathering of bikers to observe International Yoga Day and World Motorcycle Day


Chennai, 15th June 2019: Observing International Yoga Day 2019 and World Motorcycle Day, Big Biking Commune in association with India tourism Chennai, organized the World Moto Yoga Day in the city. The event was to promote Yoga as one of the approaches to fitness goals among the biking community.

While bikers ride their way with passion there are times when it takes a toll on their overall health and fitness. Bikers tend to develop back aches, muscles spasms and shoulder pain. While some make it a point to be fit and healthy, there can be few who miss out on their fitness journeys and so Yoga is one way through which people can stay hale and healthy. With great fitness come long rides!

Speaking about the event, Arun Kumar, Convener, Big Biking Commune said , “This is the first time, India tourism Chennai is hosting an event for Yoga day specific to Bikers. Since World Motorcycle day falls in the coming week, we are celebrating the art of Yoga thereby promoting it among bikers. We believe that Yoga which comes with lot of benefits can help bikers to stay fit and help them achieve their riding goals.”